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The company distributes products & Distribution center covering nationwide areas



Product sourcing agent

Our team will hunt down and offer whatever you need to maintain a strong customer relationship and meet your requirements.


We strategizes, executes campaigns, and boosts brand visibility to drive sales and engagement.


30+ branches cover all of Thailand for product distribution 100+ cars for cash van and sales credit services


Road Transportation,Maritime Transportation,Air Transportation,Rail Transportation,Intermodal Transportation (Multimodal)

Sell products with us. You manufacture, we sell & THONGMA CONSUMER PRODUCTS CO.,LTD We are seeking products & servicesto distribute to the nationwide market

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THONGMA CONSUMER PRODUCTS CO.,LTD We are a specialized company in sourcing products and providing comprehensive marketing services to you, catering to all aspects of your needs. Whether for wholesale, retail, or large-scale modern trade customers, we ensure a complete cycle of services, all under our expert care. We maintain a high-quality inventory of products and support distribution across the Eastern and Northern regions, Central region, and Southern region, with over 35 branches covering the entire country. We are the leaders in the field of service, pioneering in sourcing and distribution services, backed by expertise.


We have a comprehensive marketing plan in place, covering advertising, promotions, trade show planning, product development, and brand awareness initiatives, aiming to establish a widely recognized brand for our potential products. This makes your products our ever-reliable business partners. We can be referred to as marketing experts, driving sales and having a dedicated post-sales service team to ensure that the products are always market-ready. This approach leads to sustainable distribution of our partners' products in the market. Our distribution channels span from major wholesalers in each district to mid-sized distributors, including grocery stores, mini-marts, and showrooms in each township and village. Overall, we serve over 80,000 retail outlets nationwide.

THONGMA Customer

We support product distribution throughout the regions of Eastern, Northern, Central, and Southern Thailand, with more than 35 branches covering the entire country. We have gained recognition from product owners for the various items that our company distributes. Our expertise lies in effectively delivering products to the market, targeting specific customer segments, and encompassing all market groups. Furthermore, we treat our partners as part of our family, working collaboratively to achieve sustainable success.

Systems and Management

We are leaders in the service sector, excelling in services, distribution, and product marketing. Our rapid growth is fueled by the integration of various technologies into our management processes. Our company utilizes the SAP system for overall management. We employ the Van Sales system for selling, with over 100 cars and more than 100 motorcycles in our fleet. Additionally, GPS tracking is used to evaluate sales in each vehicle. Each vehicle is equipped with software to monitor the sales of our partners' products through the B2B model. Furthermore, we prioritize the security of products in each branch with the use of CCTV cameras.


Products that our partners trust us to distribute as their supplier.

Dipping sauces, condiments, and seasonings


Canned fish




Coconut milk


Consumer products


Construction materials products


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You manufacture, we sell.

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